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What is SkyIdentity Cloud Identity Management?

SkyIdentity Cloud IdM is a fully-fledged tool to manage users, their authorizations, and their roles. This identity manager (IdM) is provided entirely as a service. It combines the advantages of an advanced IdM with those of cloud software services (SaaS).


Fully-fledged IdM including business functions

Connects local (so-called on-premise) information systems with those in the cloud

Secure data storage

No worries in running the solution, as everything is virtualized in Microsoft Azure

24/7 availability with 99.9% uptime per SLA

Provided entirely as a service, charging only for what is used

How does it work?

Identity management is the area of managing user accounts within information systems . It is now enhanced by the possibility to manage both systems within organisations (so-called on-premise or on-site systems) and those on the internet (in the cloud, SaaS) at the same time. The objective is to be able to manage accounts securely in all of these systems from a single location.

The heart of this identity management solution (Evolveum's midPoint Identity Manager) beats in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Not only does this tool provide its own user interface for administration and working with the system, it also manages such cloud services as Office 365 and Google Apps.

An extension to the solution is run at the customer’s premises, where it communicates with local systems and serves as the gateway to and from the cloud. The two parts are securely connected by means of an encrypted virtual private network.


AreaClassic/local IdMSkyIdentity - Cloud IdM
Operating environmentOn-premiseCloud
Entry costsHighLow
Operating costsHighLow
Administrative costsHighLow
Possibilities for changing HW power dynamicallyLimitedUnlimited
Pay only for what you actually use
High availability is part of the solution
IdM versions runningOld and newMost recent
Transfers to updated versionProblematicInstantaneous
Acquired as an investment (CAPEX)
Acquired as a service (OPEX)



Is it fast?

Yes. The cloud solution enables computing power to be added as necessary to meet customers’ expectations for response time.


Will the solution be always available?

Yes. The solution operates under a 99.9% SLA. According to customers’ requirements, the cloud platform can be configured for even greater security, including possibilities for automatic backup and high availability.


Is my data secure?

Yes. All data in the system are sent from the virtual private network via a secure SSL channel to the virtual local area network of the cloud platform, from which they are not visible externally. Communication with the connected database occurs via a secure channel which is limited to only cloud IP addresses. The only external access to data is via the user interface protected using HTTPS and optional two-factor authentication.


How are passwords secured?

Passwords are stored encrypted. An attacker who obtains the passwords cannot decrypt them without knowing the encryption key.


How secure is the connection to the cloud?

All communication is encrypted through a secure VPN tunnel between the customer’s computer and the Azure platform.


How is my data backed up?

Data is backed up every 24 hours, 7 days back.


What happens to my data if I stop using the service?

If you decide to stop using SkyIdentity, you will receive your backed-up data as an export from the Azure SQL server database. Simultaneously, we will safely and permanently remove your data and credentials from SkyIdentity.


Can I also register external staff as identities?

Yes, the solution is capable of registering all identities, either by loading from a source (e.g. human resources) system or inputting manually.


What if I already have an identity manager?

We would be happy to help you migrate to SkyIdentity!
One advantage of SkyIdentity is that its price is much more favourable than are those of commonly available IdM solutions. Another plus is its location in the cloud, which eliminates all worries about solution management in terms of both SW and HW. Ultimately, it reduces the burden on your administrator.


What if I already use Azure?

SkyIdentity is listed in the Microsoft Pinpoint directory, and so it is available in your Azure portal.


What if I don’t want to be in the cloud?

We can also implement our SkyIdentity solution into your hosting service.


How can the solution be customized?

The solution’s price includes the possibility to display your logo. Further branding is possible through an individualized plan.


What happens after we sign up for SkyIdentity?

Shortly after you complete a non-binding order form, you will be contacted by our representative. We will send you an electronic questionnaire. Mere days after you have completed this questionnaire, we will have prepared the environment for you in Microsoft Azure and you will receive a client package from us. Once this has been implemented into your environment, the solution will be ready.


Which connected systems are included in the price?

The price includes connection of 1 - 5 systems: Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, Google Apps, LDAP server, database table, CSV file.


What do I get if I use the standard SkyIdentity service?

  • Connections to up to five systems Microsoft Active Directory, Google Apps and/or Office 365, LDAP server, database table, CSV file
    • Management of user accounts (creation, update, deletion, activation, deactivation, password management)
    • Automatic and manual synchronization of user accounts and attributes in connected systems
  • User Self-Service
    • Ability to change password
    • Request system for new permissions (request for access to the application with predefined rights)
    • Overview of user accounts and permissions in connected systems
    • Interface with multilingual support - English, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Slovak language
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • One-step approval workflow for user requests
  • Basic reports
    • Audit of changes in SkyIdentity
    • Summary of changes in connected systems
    • List of SkyIdentity users


Number of users 100 101 - 300 301+ Individual
Price per user per month 6 € 4 € 2 € As agreed
Number of systems1 - 51 - 51 - 5Unlimited

The minimum number of licences is 100. All prices are stated exclusive of VAT.

The price includes connection of 1 - 5 systems: Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, Google Apps, LDAP server, database table, CSV file. Other system types may be connected on request.

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The price for each additional user above the number of 300 is 2 EUR per month.

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